National President Message

Dear Brothers and sisters ,

Centenary greetings from Jc G.Subramanian,

Five score years ago a small movement was started by a visionary that grew leaps and bounds and made its presence felt and impact imprinted on the lives of many. We all are grateful to the one man who introduced us to this world’s informal university of leadership and development. It has provided us development opportunities and that has empowered us to create positive change in ourselves and in others. What a rewarding journey it was!!

Friends it is a unique privilege we get in the year 2015 to be a part of JCI movement to celebrate our hundred years of impact and leave a legacy for the future. We have to lay the foundation for the next hundred years of our organisation. I call upon each JCI member in India to be a part of this historic mission and contribute to make this year of centenary celebration ever memorable.

Great achievements of the past are challenged and new heroes always emerge. Let us not be complacent with the achievements of the past. Let us try to create new milestones and let us be remembered. Whatever projects we plan to do should be guided by the philosophy Commit, Connect and Care. Let us commit for future, connect with future and care for future . I appeal all of you to be committed to increase the number of young active citizens who are the members of JCI in India. Put some sincere efforts to expand our membership network and touch the magic number of fifty thousand. Please connect ourselves with the other organizations in the society, with partners and alumni by undertaking projects that will create sustainable solutions. Please care the underprivileged and needy whose lives can be impacted by us. Let us compose new rhymes and rhythms of camaraderie and sing every day we are committed, connected and caring.

JCI India is aiming to construct 1000 toilets for girl needy people across the country under Samadan- our centenary celebration project. I wish all JCI members across the nation to be a part of the project .Be with that dream and carry that in your heart.

Team 2015 is available to you for any guidance. We will create an impact that will indelibly be stored in the galleries of memories for years and years to come in future.

Let us make this website a strong medium to exchange our ideas and success stories.

Commit Connect Care





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