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The times have changed and so has the environment in which we live. The 21st century has witnessed the winds of change that we have never experienced ever before. This is true for business, life styles, education, healthcare and even the games that the children play. Technology has impacted our lives so much that living without mobiles or internet is unthinkable.
These changes have affected the role of a woman too. She is more aware, more knowledgeable, more alert and more determined now. She has higher expectations not only from her family, friends and society but also from her own self. Today, she has to meet up with challenges at all fronts. She has to know about Pokemon and Benten while she deals with her children, she has to understand Google and video conferencing while she deals with her husband, she has to know about microwave cooking when she goes to kitty parties and she has to be able to understand the ups and downs of stock markets when she talks to her retired in-laws. This is the need of the hour for the woman of today.
In light of these changes, SHAKTI too should have some value addition. It needs to go beyond. We should no more be talking only of getting out of the confinement of four walls of a home, or about the different roles that the woman has to play, but it should also talk about empowering a woman of today to be able to meet the challenges of the 21st century more efficiently and effectively. It should address some core issues like basics of internet, more brisk, precise and positive communication, networking, a process of value addition to her own and family life, striking the right balance between temptations and discipline, teaching and imbibing values and principles into her children and family, identifying her core competencies and using them to create an entrepreneurial opportunity, planning, prioritizing and organizing, managing time effectively and productively and so on.

The design of the program should be done by the Head Coach keeping above needs in mind but suiting to the local requirement. This two-day workshop will


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